Golden Wedding

The Dream wedding

Day of wedding presents the most important and the happiest day for the newlyweds, beginning of their joint life. That day the newlyweds officially accept the obligations that the institution of marriage carries.

All newlyweds want that day be perfect and forever remembered, they want to convert their wedding into dream wedding.

Since most of the time is spent in the hall, so it is necessary to pay attention on the appearance of space (the dance floor, space for newlyweds, space for a band). In order to emphasize the beauty of  the inner and outer space, their walls and building itself, Golden Wedding allows coloring spaces, playing with colors and effects in space and on the dance floor and painting the facades and walls of buildings with wide range of colors and shades.

Golden Wedding helps with advice and familiarizing with the wishes of the newlyweds and their style, in that way creates an atmosphere in the hall in the style of the newlyweds with the same note which follow the entire wedding.





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