About Us

Golden Wedding is a brand of Mediteran production which is registered for technical equipment (sound system, light, stage, structure, roof) for concerts, events, fashion shows).

Golden Wedding is a brand specialized for the weddings, birthdays, receptions and in its offer has packages for the dance floor, for the special effects and coloring of the interior and exterior.
The light and the special effects on the dance floor are important for the each moment of ceremony (such as the entry of the newlyweds, first dance, cutting of the wedding cake, making the atmosphere by photos, coloring space for newlyweds, coloring space for the band, throwing the bouquet and garter, etc.) it makes the moments of wedding a stronger and effectively.

Golden Wedding  helps to highlight the beauty of modern, luxury or antique wedding hall, coloring columns, walls, arches, and the whole hall with the help of high-quality equipment that allow coloring wide range of colors.
In Golden wedding`s offer there are also stage for newlyweds and stage for band.
In Golden wedding is employed a team of trained professionals with years of experience.



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